E-400 Lead-free Wave Solder

E-400 Lead-free Wave Solder

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Touchscreen controlled Lead-free wave solder with titanium finger conveyor/stepper controlled spray fluxer. One hot air preheating zone and pure titanium solder pot

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The best low-budget solution for tight space production. This lead-free wave solder machine includes a titanium fingers conveyor resistant to high temperatures. The solder pot is also made of titanium. Cast iron heater for the solder pot, mounted outside of the solder pot. This new assembly design prolongs the life of the solder pot
  • Large production requirement in the range of 1200-2200pcs/8hours (Take 300x300 PCB as reference)
  • Sprayer droved by stepper motor and rail/slider guilding rail
  • Dual wave solder. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer via touch screen. Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of power

Main Features

  • Traditional panel control. Adopted brand temperature controller, counter, timer and speed controller etc. All these parts provide a stable performance of the machine.
  • High precision sprayer made in Japan, provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.
  • Sprayer droved by German air cylinder, small noise and long life warranty
  • Forced air convection preheat zone control by temperature controller in PID model. The preheat zone will provide enough uniform heat for the PCB
  • Adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot, it’s mounted outside the solder pot. This new assembling way will prolong the life of the solder pot
  • Dual wave solder. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer. Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of power
  • Solder pot is made of SUS316 (standard). Meanwhile we provide Ti material for option
  • Customer can set on and off time of machine weekly
  • Light and Sound alarm for overheating and emergency stop
  • The conveyor system is equipped with overload protection


PBC width 1.18-15.75in-30-400 mm
Pot Volume 859.8 lbs (245Kg)
General Power 10KW
Running Power 2-5KW
Machine Dimension 123.62(L)49.21(W)62.99(H)
Net Weight 1,653.46Lbs (400Kgs)
Controlling System Touch Screen + PLC control
Conveyor Motor 3Ph-380V-60W
Conveyor Speed 200MM-1500MM/Min
Flux Volume 6.5 Liters
Alcohol Volume 4.5 Liters
PCB Direction Left to Right
Spray Drive Stepper motor drive fluxer with rail and slider
Sprayer ST-6 Made in Japan
Preheat 1 Hot air convection
Preheat Power 4 KW
Solder Pot Material Titanium
Solder Pot Heater Cast Iron Heaters
Solder Pot Power 1.2KW*10PCS
Wave Number Dual Waves
Wave Type Turbulent first wave, Lambda second wave
Time for Solder Melt 60 minutes
Solder Pot Lift (Up/Down) Manual
Solder Pot In/Out Automatically
Conveyor Type Titanium finger
Fixed Rail Front Rail
Movable Rail Rear Rail
Solder Angle 3-6°
Air Supply 3-5 BAR
Power Supply 3PH 220V 60HZ OR 3PH 380V 50HZ OR 3PH 440V 60HZ

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