Mexico PCB Assembly Services

Mexico PCB Assembly Services

Our PCB assembly capabilities range from quickturn prototype to high volume production. Our state-of-the-art facility allow us to build quality products to meet the high standards expected by our customers.

  • PCBs assembled in as little as 24 hours
  • Thru-hole, SMT, and mixed assembly
  • Machine-placed SMT
  • No minimum or maximum quantity
  • Dedicated to on-time delivery
  • Online quote & order

If you need a turnkey quote please email the Gerber files and Bill of Material (BOM) to We will email you a turnkey quote in 24-48 hours.

Electronic Assembly

Whether your design requires strictly SMT, mixed technology (SMT & through hole), or legacy product that is 100% through hole, we have the technology and processes in place to provide the solution for your manufacturing needs.

  • Fully Automated SMT Production Lines
  • Through Hole/Hand Assembly
  • Quick Turn Prototype Runs
  • Small Assemblies through Large Production Runs

Cable & Harness Assembly

Custom cable assemblies and complex wire and cable harness assemblies for a wide spectrum of applications. Low / High Volume Production Runs; Cut & Marked Tubing; Wire & Cable Tie Solutions; Fan, Blower & Motor Assemblies; Multi-Conductor Jacketed Cable Assemblies; Potting; Soldered Cable Assemblies; Spliced Cable Assemblies; Ribbon & Flat Cable; Power Cord; Crimp Monitoring; 100% Testing & Inspection.

  • Wire Strip/Crimp
  • Full Harness Assembly
  • Quick Turn Prototype Runs
  • Small Assemblies through Large Production Runs

Box Build / Final Assembly

To complement our PCBA operations we provide box build and electro-mechanical assembly services whether it's partial or full product integration and final assemblies ready for end-users. Our manufacturing facility in Mexico incorporates assembly, testing and packaging with traceability, complemented by our electrical and mechanical assembly expertise.

  • Partial or Full Product Integration
  • Final Assemblies Ready for End-Users
  • Electrical and Mechanical Assembly Expertise

Quality Certification

Our Mexican facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we're committed to continuous improvement of products and services. We adhere to IPC-A-610 for PCBA and IPC-A-620 for harnesses. We comply with regulatory and industry requirements through our quality approved supplier certification of materials, manufacturing process controls, and documentation.

Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico

Lower Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing labor rates in Mexico are, in many cases, lower than in China. Mexico also offers much steadier wages, making it easier for companies to forecast manufacturing costs. As of 2019, the fully burdened direct laborer wage rate in Mexico is about $3.95 per hour vs. $4.50 per hour in China.

Good Quality

The quality of production in Mexico's electronics manufacturing sector, especially for automotive and industrial is well known. Electronic manufacturing in Mexico eliminates the risk of counterfeit electronic components which is a common problem in Asia. We purchase all electronic components from authorized distributors in the USA.

Simplified Logistics

Our manufacturing facility in Mexico offers the benefits of offshore pricing with the convenience of dealing with a supplier that is just south of the border. Unlike Mexico, quality problems in China often end up as write offs as the logistics of fixing, reworking, or returning items is often not worth the trouble of dealing with distance, time, and communication barriers. Proximity and time zone compatibility are also two factory that simplify the logistics of doing business with an electronic contract manufacturer in Mexico.

On Time Delivery

Low Shipping Cost

Since our facility is next to Calexico California, none of the shipping to and from our facility is international. We can ship ground, next day and 2nd day UPS or FedEx to any location in continental USA.

IP Protection

Unlike China, the government of Mexico enforces its IP protection laws.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my product secure while it is at or crossing the border?

All transactions and activities are handled by our licensed and bonded freight forwarder. Daily inventories are sent to Pelco via e-mail, fax or through their Ewarehouse System. Your inventory is under Camera Surveillance 24/7 while at the freight forwarders' facility.

What expenses will we incur for customs and border crossing?

All expenses associated with these activities are amortized into our cost for your product so you will not be billed separately for these items.

What delivery time can we expect for your quick turn proto's?

Typical turnaround time is 3 - 4 weeks contingent upon material availability.