PentaLogix can help you convert your project
idea into a finished PCB ready for assembly.


PCB Layout is a two way process. Effective communication between you and us is key to a successful project.
We welcome your questions and suggestions.


Simply give us a call or send us an email. We are here to help.
Phone number: (800) 208-1726
Email: support@pentalogix.com

We believe that Altium Designer is the best PCB CAD system available.
We use it exclusively for all of our PCB Design projects.



  • An initial consultation to discuss your design is always free.
  • We can help you select the right parts for your PCB design.
  • We can take your schematic in any form (pdf, sketch, etc.) and convert it into a proper electronic CAD format.
  • We will create Altium schematic symbols and PCB footprints for each part in your design.
  • After completing the schematic, we will submit it for your review.
  • We will create a PCB outline and do a preliminary placement of all parts.
  • Upon your approval of the parts placement, we will continue with the detailed PCB layout.
  • If your design needs flex or rigid/flex technology, we can help.
  • We can also help you design firmware for your designs that contain microcontrollers and/or CPLDs or FPGAs.


  • Complete Altium Project File including:
    • Schematics
    • PCB Layout
    • Output Settings File
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Checks
    • We use CAMMaster and EMS Magician to check your design for DFM errors.
    • If you wish, you can provide a custom DFM Rule set to control the DFM process.
    • Silkscreen clipping is performed automatically if needed.
    • 3D view of both front and back side of PCB.
  • Fabrication Files:
    • Gerber Files
    • Drill Files
    • Rout data for PCB cutouts
    • BOM, including unit and 1,000 piece parts cost.
    • Pick and Place file (centroid data) for automated assembly.
    • Assembly Drawings.
    • Firmware files (if needed).
  • Panelized Data – If your design can benefit from panelization, we will include at no additional charge.
    • We add PCB fiducials.
    • We add PCB rails with both fiducials and tooling holes.
    • You can specify X by Y array parameters.
    • We can add mouse bites and/or V-Scoring.
    • The same files that are provided for the one-up design are provided for the panelized version.


  • We can provide prototypes or production boards made in the USA with turnaround in as little as one day.
  • Use our standard USQT (United States Quick Turn Process) or our custom service for complex boards.
  • Get an online quote in seconds.
  • Offshore boards are available when cost is paramount


  • We use the latest SMT & Through-hole Technology.
  • Standard turnaround is 10 and 5 days depending on the quantity.
  • Expedited turnaround available.
  • Get an online quote in seconds.