Mistral-360 SMT Convection Reflow Oven

Mistral-360 SMT Convection Reflow Oven

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Quick Overview
The Mistral 360 convection reflow soldering system uses re-circulated hot air to accomplish reflow at much lower temperatures than IR systems. Using constant, even heating, a great variety of board sizes will reach reflow temperature with the same heat profile. By eliminating set-up time your production line can work to its fullest capacity.
Your selection is: Mistral-360 SMT Convection Reflow Oven
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Main Features

  • Forced air convection heat for maximum temperature up to 300°C for lead-free soldering.
  • Forced air convection provides uniform heating and prevents shadowing.
  • Four heat zones, each independently controlled for accurate temperature profiles.
  • Bench-top unit can be converted to a standalone unit by use of the optional cabinet and also integrated into a fully Conveyorized production line.
  • Viewing panel allows visual inspection of reflow process.
  • Detachable thermpcouple for measuting substrate temperatures
  • Touch screen control system, full color.

Convection heating provides other advantages over IR. In addition tot the wide process window, it works with:

  • No shadowing.
  • No hot spots.
  • No color sensitivity.
  • 4-zone temperature control.
  • No cold solder joints.
  • No belt load sensitivity.

With a belt width of 365 mm (over 14”) and consistent temperature across the entire width Mistral can easily accommodate your entire production line speeds up to 110 cm/minute.

“Environment friendly” is more then just a catch of the Mistral designers. With reduced energy consumption and carefully controlled air-flow and exhaust systems, your plant will only benefit from its introduction. Ease of access to all parts of the machine ensures fast and easy maintenance. Managing information is quickly available and ancillary processes, such as glue curing, are easily programmed. The Mistral 360 reflow system is built to last and permorm to the highest standars throughout its long lifetime.


Touch Screen Control System Full color 3,8”
Power Requirements 380/400 VAC 3-phase. Other raitings available.
Rated Power Max. 7800 Watts
Temperature Regulation Accurancy 1°C
Stainless Steel Spring Wires Conveyor belt
Conveyor Speed 15-110 cm/min (6-43 inch/min)
Soldering Temperatures Typ 180-300°C
Leadfree Soldering
Cleareance for Assemblies Up To 25 mm (1 inch)
Length Process Chamber 1400 mm (55 inch).
Bottom cooling fans at offload section.
Heat-up time: approx. 15 min.
Dimensions L x W x H= 1540 x 600 x 360 mm
Net weight 160 Kg USB output

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