For over 30 years PentaLogix has been a leading provider of gerber viewing, editing and CAM software. Now PentaLogix has turned its experience optimizing thousands of PCB designs into a set of tools that deliver the best PCBs at the lowest possible price.

Get 2 FREE US Quickturn Prototype PCBs

#1 Prototype PCBs in North America

Smart DFM File Check - eliminate CAM holds NO EXTRA CHARGE
Any Drill Size 0.008" or larger - Plated or Non Plated NO EXTRA CHARGE
Trace Width / Spacing 0.005" / 0.005" NO EXTRA CHARGE
Internal Cutouts - Plated or Non Plated NO EXTRA CHARGE
Complex Board Shapes NO EXTRA CHARGE
Green Soldermask - Top and Bottom NO EXTRA CHARGE
White Silkscreen - Top, Bottom or both NO EXTRA CHARGE
Electrical Testing included NO EXTRA CHARGE

You'll be happy you tried them!


  • 2 Layer PCB, 20 square inch or smaller
  • Tin/Lead HASL finish, PCBs ship in 5 business days or less (Order Qty 2 PCBs at the 2 Day price, enter the coupon in the Shopping Cart then Checkout)
  • 1 Coupon per customer / company
  • Email address cannot be gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.